Huub Stevens:

" Thanks to the penalty-kicks database, I succeeded more and more in different soccer clubs. The absolute highlight was the UEFA-Cup finals in Mailand in 1997. "

Edwin van der Sar:

" The penalty-kicks database was a support in several important matches and I am convinced that the information is helpful for every team and goalkeeper. "

Jens Lehmann:

" With the help of the penalty-kicks database I was not only well prepared for the UEFA-Cup finals 1997 but also for the world cup semifinal 2006. "


was founded in 1990 by Huub Stevens and it contains more than 30.000 penalty-kicks of about 10.000 different soccer players. Our database has already been helpful in various situations and it is updated daily with new information from all European leagues.

The most famous use of the database was in 2006, when Jens Lehmann received our information in form of a small note that helped him saving several penalties during the world cup quarterfinals against Argentina.

However, the success of the database started off even earlier. In 1997, the saved penalties of Jens Lehmann made Schalke 04 win the UEFA-Cup. The goalkeeper received the information about the penalties from Huub Stevens, who was his coach at this time. Certainly the penalty-kicks database cannot provide a 100% success rate. Nevertheless it has frequently been a reliable and irreplaceable support.

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